Lucy uit Den Haag zoekt een hondenoppas

Hallo, ik ben Lucy!

Lucy is a very calm, sweet doggie who needs 3 walks in the day (can't go off leash!!! She is not trained with coming back and doesn't listen). She has no agression and no problems with any dogs, people or cats from her side. She likes to get some attention like playing with plush toys, being petted. We work at home so she is used to being not alone all day long. She is very gentle and sweet, but sometimes excited outside, therefore she can be sometimes quite fast with walking towards dogs and people. She might try to eat some things being outside, because she's a scent dog and good at sniffing and finding things. She eats twice a day. We always heard good stories from our friends who were dogsitting her :)

Plaatsingsdatum: 5 mei 2022


  • Griffon bleu de Gascogne

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Woonplaats Hondenoppas werk Den Haag (2564RG)
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Naam hond Lucy
Aantal honden 1
Geslacht hond Reu
Oppaslocatie Geen voorkeur
Honden gewend aan kinderen Ja
Honden gewend aan katten Ja
Honden gewend aan honden Ja
Hond geholpen Ja


Beantwoorde berichten %
Gemiddelde reactietijd
E-mailadres Geverifieerd
Lid sinds Mei 2022
Laatst bijgewerkt Mei 2022
Laatste keer ingelogd


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