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Hondenoppas voor kleine rassen

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Geplaatst op: 30 juli 2020
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Mevr. Marlene Currie

6 jaar, 1 maand, 1 week en 2 dagen actief
Tel: telnr


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I'm Canadian,speak Dutch but find the grammar very difficult.I'm doing this in English (sorry).
In Canada I was trainer for help dogs for the deaf,blind and chronic sick.
In Holland I did training and breeding and walked dog shows with my Maltesers.The smallest was 1.5 kilos and the others ranged to 3 kilos.My 1st died 2006 age15,the last in 2009 age10.My flat is full of photos and warm wonderful memories.
I do dog sitting for hospital admittance+vacations+weekends+daily.
If we go further,I need a valid hond belasting bewijs+copy of an updated vet. book+copy of a WA insurance+ontworm/vlooi druppels+your address/phone numbers+emergency info.+whatsapp+your vacation schedule addresses+numbers,
My rates are comparable to those of a good kennel.The difference is by me your baby gets personal attention and is in my home, not alone in a kennel with other barking dogs.If we click and go farther, I require ½ total money in cash(non refundable) at booking time.This reserves the time for YOU.The first who books and pays gets the reservation.The other ½ is payable in cash when you bring the dog and it’s food+toys etc.If needed I have a medium size bench.You bring a blanket with his smell on it. I never double book.
With older or tiny dogs, I walk more often but for shorter distances.I always use poop bags.
I first want to meet 2x to walk outside and have coffee inside. I can see how your dog behaves in a new environment.
The dogs are in my home but I follow your rules and schedules. This gives them structure and a homey atmosphere to live in while you are away.
I live in a big flat with under floor heating and cooling, so it’s always comfortable.
If I have an appointment out of the house,I'm usually back quite quickly.
If it is possible to take them with me, that would be my preference.
There needs to be a click between us as well as myself with your dog.I do not pick up or deliver.
If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Respectfully yours,

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  • Utrecht

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AleidGeplaatst op 25-08-2015
Oppassen van mijn Suzie

Hallo Mevr. Currie, Mijn hondje Suzie heeft een heerlijke tijd bij U gehad Zal U zeker aanbevelen bij de mensen in de regio die van mij een Shih Tzu hebben gekocht.

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